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Australian Journal of
Offsite Manufacturing and Digital Construction (AJOMDC)

Welcome to "Australian Journal of Offsite Manufacturing and Digital Construction". This journal is a quarterly international peer-reviewed open access journal that publishes high-quality single blind peer reviewed papers in the construction technology and modular structures fields. The journal publishes the latest international research studies. We aim to encourage postgraduate students and top researchers to publish their experimental and numerical studies as fast as possible.

When the editor-in-chief receives a paper, it is first checked for originality and the contents to make sure the work is not published under similar titles. This part is essential because reviewers may not necessarily look for the originality of the papers. The figures should not be copied and they must be drawn appropriately. All equations must be typeset and they should not be in figure format. In addition, tables must be in table format.

Then editor-in-chief sends the paper to the editorial board members, who are responsible for finding two reviewers for review. After receiving reviewers' comments, if some corrections are needed, reviewers' comments are sent to the author(s) to make corrections within the specified time. This process continues until the article is either rejected or approved. Once a paper is accepted, its online version will be published quickly.  Any online paper would have a unique DOI number to ensure the other researchers can cite it during the publishing process.

Authors keep possession of the copyright for their papers, but permit anyone to download, reuse, reprint, modify, distribute and copy the content as long as the original authors and source are cited. Anyone can have access to the full text of the published articles in PDF format without any restriction.

The "Australian Journal of Offsite Manufacturing and Digital Construction" is dedicated to the publication of cutting-edge research and development in following scope:

  • Building and construction

  • Built environment

  • BIM

  • Constructions technology

  • Intelligent decision support systems

  • Information technologies in construction

  • Thermo-insulation and renovation of buildings

  • Construction economics

  • Further education and research in construction engineering and management

  • Information communication technology

  • Construction law and legal issues in construction

  • Construction life cycle 

  • Construction management

  • Construction materials

  • Equipment

  • Production planning

  • Specifications

  • Scheduling

  • Estimating

  • Cost control

  • Quality control

  • Labor productivity and safety

  • Inspection

  • Contract administration

  • Computer applications

  • Environmental concerns

  • Construction procurement

  • Health, Safety and Well-Being in Construction

  • Public policies for construction

  • Risk management in construction

  • Innovation process management

  • Technological forecasting and strategic planning

  • Smart construction (3D printing, artificial intelligence, robotics)

  • Sustainable construction (carbon emission, energy saving, green building, waste management)

  • Value engineering

  • Application of modular construction

  • Modular systems

  • Steel modules

  • Precast concrete modules

  • Planning of modular building

  • Hybrid Modular construction systems

  • Acoustic insulation in modular construction

  • Structural design of modular structures

  • Tolerances

  • Related codes and standards

  • Service interfaces

  • Construction issues in modular systems

  • Factory production of modules

  • Automation

  • Field factory

  • Economic aspects

  • Prefabrication forms, designing and process

  • Framework systems

  • Types of modular construction

  • Optimization

  • Case studies

  • etc

​CIVILICOM Pty Ltd, the publisher of "Australian Journal of Offsite Manufacturing and Digital Construction" is registered in Australia.

The chief editor (Dr. Pejman Sharafi) is the contact person via Email (

Postal address: P.O. Box 410 Rural View 4740 QLD, Australia

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Volume 1, 2022
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