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Notes Series

CIVILICOM have started a great project, entitled "CIVILICOM Notes Series", which so far is included 100 books in the civil engineering field. We have several top-level academics on board as scientific editors. Authors worldwide submit book chapters without any submission/publishing fee as well as without any payment or royalty. There isn't any predicted template to use by editors and we will bring our chapters to a same format by ourselves.
To submit your chapters easily send them to us via our email address:

CIVILICOM Notes Series is included:
1- Notes on Structural Engineering, Volumes 1-35, ISBN 978-0-6456555-1-3
2- Notes on Geotechnical Engineering, Volumes 1-20, ISBN 978-0-6456555-2-0

3- Notes on Environmental Engineering, Volumes 1 to 35, ISBN 978-0-6456555-4-4
4- Notes on Transportation Engineering, Volumes 1 to 35, ISBN 978-0-6456555-3-7
5- Notes on Construction Management and Technology, Volumes 1-20, ISBN 978-0-6456555-0-6
Notes on Structural Engineering
ISBN 978-0-6456555-1-3
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