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Farīborz M. Tehrani is a professor, director, professional civil engineer, sustainability professional, and project management professional who has more than three decades of academic and industry background in structural, geotechnical, and transportation engineering and management. Dr. Tehrani has contributed to the publication of ten books; nearly eighty papers and technical reports; and presented nearly hundred papers and posters. His research and practice experiences focus on sustainable and resilient structural engineering, mechanics, and materials (SR-SEMM) and include structural analysis and design; earthquake-resistant design; building materials and construction; road and bridge design; and project management. His research on sliding seismic isolation resulted in a patented methodology, Sliding Foundation System with Safety Margin, applied in construction of a small building in 1998. Fariborz is a Fellow ASCE and professional member of ACI, EMI, ASTM, and EWB. He is a voting member of several ACI 213/130/301/EAC/E701 and ASTM C09/C12/C15/D04/D18 Committees, the liaison of the EMI in the ASCE COS, and the Director of the ESCSI. Further, Dr. Tehrani has served in NCEES, PMI, CHESC, and EMI as panelist and subject matter expert, as well as the chair of the ISI Academic Committee, and a director of the ASEE PSW. Dr. Tehrani received the ASCE Region 9 Outstanding Faculty Advisor Award in 2015 for leading the Student Chapter from 2010 to 2015, the Best Practice Award from California Higher Education Sustainability Conference in 2017, and the best Research Award from ASCE Fresno and San Francisco for two projects in 2019. Fariborz received BSc from Sharif University of Technology, MSc from Amirkabir University of Technology, and MS, degree of engineer, and PhD from University of California, Los Angeles.

He received his Ph.D in Geo-environmental Engineering from department of civil engineering and applied mechanics of McGill University in 1998. He has worked as a Post-doctorate Fellowship in Geo-environmental engineering in Laval University Quebec till 2000.  Prof. Khodadadi has a M. Eng. degree in transportation engineering from Carleton University, a B. Eng. in civil engineering from Ottawa University as well as a B. Eng. in mining engineering from Amir Kabir University of Technology. Some of his research interest includes: Soil Pollution, Environmental Impact assessment, Geochemical Transport modeling, Environmental Geotechniques, Environmental Geochemistry, Control and disposal of mine waste and wastewater, Hazardous Waste Management and Treatment, Soil Behavior, Site Remediation, Groundwater and Surface Water Pollution.
Dr. Maryam Massah Fard received her B.S., and M.S., from University of Guilan as a distinguished student. She completed her Ph.D. in Earthquake Engineering at Istanbul Technical University. She is currently an Instructor at the Department of Civil Engineering at Ozyegin University. She has published some papers in international journals and conferences. Her research interest is numerical modelling of soil-marine structures interaction under seismic and environmental loads.

Dr. Aliabadi is a well-organized structural engineer who got his Ph.D. in structural engineering from University of Maryland College Park, USA. He has PE licenses in Maryland, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, the District of Columbia, New Jersey, and Virginia. Yahya has more than thirty years of experience in structural design projects, project management and teaching. Also, he has strong knowledge of the codes and regulations combined with proven computer skills. Dr. Aliabadi is a licensed builder and contractor too.

She is a professional engineer and a registered architect with more than ten years of experience in the design of residential, commercial, and public buildings. She has gotten her master degree in architecture from Anhalt University of applied science, Germany too. Engineer Soleimani has been involved in some HDR research projects and has published a lot of indexed papers in international journals so far.

Emeritus prof. Tabesh has more than 60 years of experience in teaching, research, design, and construction management of broad types of projects. He is a well-known expert in the construction materials field and the head or member of some national construction materials codes committees. He is the former president of BHRC (Building and Housing Research Centre), with several books and papers. He also provides special engineering consultancies to courts in civil engineering cases from 1970.

Prof. Khodaii is an inventor and a full-time academic member and former dean of faculty of civil and environmental engineering at Amirkabir University of Technology (Tehran Polytechnic). He is also, a qualified engineer, with over 25 years of industrial experience in transportation, project management and consultancy. He received his PhD degree from Queen's University Belfast in 1984. Prof. Khodaii has published about 150 international papers. His research area is included asphalt technology and transportation engineering.

Prof. Ameri got his Ph.D. in transportation engineering from the University of Texas, USA. He has more than 40 years of experience in the control and design of infrastructure projects. Prof. Ameri is a national-level representative in the World Road Association (PIARC) and is the leader or member of some national codes committees. In addition to numerous academic positions, he has served 8 years as director of TRI. He has published about 200 papers and books and successfully finalised about 30 research projects.

Dr. Koohsaari has gotten his Ph.D. in architecture from Florence University of Architecture and an urban design post-doctoral fellowship from Milan Polytechnic, Italy. He has more than 40 years of experience in the design, management, and delivery of construction projects of residential, commercial, and academic buildings and spaces. Dr. Koohsari not only has had a full-time academic position for 3 decades but has also been the founder and CEO of a consulting engineers company since 1986.

Dr. Family received his Ph.D. and post-doctoral degrees in concrete technology from the University of Birmingham, UK, and Purdue University, USA respectively. He is the former lab director at APCM and current president of ASIEH university too. He is also the CEO of Koobankav consulting Engineers since 1984. A/Prof. Family is a famous expert in concrete technology who has designed and delivered more than 50 national infrastructure projects. He is the head or team member of several construction materials standard committees.  

Dr. Lida Rafati received her PhD in environmental health in 2017 as the top student and currently is Head of the department of environmental health and also head of the water and wastewater laboratory at Hamadan University of Medical Sciences (UMSHA). Environmental pollutions especially water pollution; shortage and health are her main research interest. She has published some books and more than 40 journal papers on these topics. Lida has selected as the best Iranian researcher of the year in 2017 in the environmental health field. 

Dr. Tavassoti received his PhD from the Pennsylvania State University in 2016. He is an Assistant Professor and the Jr. Norman W. McLeod Chair in Sustainable Pavement Engineering at University of Waterloo, where he is closely working with the Centre for Pavement and Transportation Technology (CPATT). Dr. Tavassoti also worked as an Assistant Research Professor at the Thomas D. Larson Transportation Institute. In 2020, Dr. Tavassoti was elected as the vice chair of the Ontario Asphalt Expert Task Group (OAETG). Pajoohan is an active member of the International Union of Laboratories and Experts in Construction Materials, Systems and Structures (RILEM). At RILEM, he is serving as the leader of the bituminous binders fingerprinting Task Group of the TC FBB. In this capacity, he is working with experts from over 18 different countries on utilizing advanced materials characterization techniques and Artificial Intelligence to bridge the gap between the chemo-physical properties of the bituminous mixes and their performance characteristics.

Dr. Pegah Jafari Haghighatpour received her Ph.D. in 2017 in Civil Engineering and she is now a postdoctoral researcher at the Iran University of Science and Technology (IUST). Her research interests are in various fields such as Transportation and Highway, Road Material and Pavement Design, and Asphalt and Concrete Fracture Mechanics. She teaches as an assistant professor at different universities in Tehran (Iran) and also serves as supervisor of Bachelor and Master of Science thesis. She works also as civil & technical deputy of Tehran Municipality since 2020. The publication of several papers in prestigious journals and conference proceedings in international and scientific events/webinars, reviewer of scientific journals, and writing and publishing six specialized books in the field of civil engineering is among the research and academic activities of Dr. Jafari Haghighatpour. 

He received his PhD in Coastal Engineering from Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine, London. He has also got a Postdoc position in coastal and marine engineering at Kagoshima University. He has worked on different research projects regarding the design of seawalls and other shore protection structures as well as dams, canals and other hydraulic structures and has published several papers. Dr. Lashteh Neshaei is a member of the IHA and an associate professor at University of Guilan.

Dr. Shahab Khakpour has gotten his Ph.D. in mechanical engineering from the University of Oulu, Finland. Also, he has a fellowship position at Marie Skłodowska-Curie. Dr. Khakpour has more than ten years of working experience as a mechanical engineer in the civil and marine sectors. He is an expert in numerical analysis with finite element strong skills and has been involved in different engineering projects worldwide.

Dr. Mohammad Reza Mohammad Aliha (M.R.M. Aliha) received his Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering in 2009 and currently is an associate Prof. at Iran University of Science and Technology (IUST) and head of the Welding and Joining Research Center at IUST. Testing, simulating, analyzing, and characterizing the fracture, fatigue, mechanical behavior, and load-carrying capacity of different engineering materials including, polymers, welded parts, additive manufacturing parts, soft materials (soil, gypsum), rocks, concrete materials (cement concrete, polymer concrete, and asphalt concrete), aerospace and bio-materials are Dr. Aliha's main research interests. He has also been involved in different industrial and design and manufacturing based projects such as oil and gas, road and pavement, aerospace and satellite, power plant, and automotive fields. Dr. Aliha has published more than 170 journal papers such that his papers received more than 9500 citations in Google scholar and more than 8300 citations in SCOPUS. Also, his H-index in Google scholar and SCOPUS are 58 and 56, respectively. According to the ESI database, he ranked within the top 2% of scientists in the field of engineering based on the citation numbers in the ISI web of science. He has also been selected as the best researcher of the year at IUST for several years and also has good international collaborations with different colleagues around the world such as the UK, Canada, USA, Norway, Italy, China, Australia, Romania, Poland, Turkey and etc by publishing several joint research works.  Dr. Aliha is also the Editor in Chief of the Engineering Solid Mechanics journal and is a reviewer of many prestigious journals.

Dr Farzaneh Tahmoorian has worked as site engineer and project manager in many construction projects. She obtained her Master Degree from University of Technology Sydney (UTS), followed by her PhD in "Application of Waste Materials in Flexible Pavements" from Western Sydney University in Australia. Farzaneh is currently a full-time lecturer in pavement and transport engineering at the School of Engineering and Technology (SET) in Central Queensland University (CQU). Farzaneh has worked significantly on utilisation of various waste materials in asphalt mixes and has been researching on a novel approach for the mix design of asphalt pavements whereby the asphalt mix exhibited enhancements in durability, performance, and with reduced cost. Dr Tahmoorian is the reviewer of several international journals. She serves as Editor for the Journal of Engineering Solid Mechanics. Farzaneh has published over 20 peer-reviewed Journal and Conference papers (including articles under review) on the topic of asphalt mixes and sustainable pavements. Dr Tahmoorian has been involved in several independent and collaborative research projects. She currently serves as co-editor of book "Use of Sandy Materials in Civil Engineering". Her research and practical interests include asphalt mix design, binder modification, ground improvement techniques for road and railway lines, pavement engineering, road and transport engineering, life cycle analysis of construction materials, and waste management and sustainability.

Dr. Farzad Hatami received his PhD in structural engineering in 2008 and currently is assistant Prof. at Amirkabir University of Technology (Tehran Polytechnic), New Technologies Research Center, and Structure & Earthquake Research Center. Artificial Neural Network (ANN), Artificial Intelligence (AI), fuzzy logic and genetic algorithm, health monitoring of the structures and technical buildings, and damage detection are Dr. Hatami's research interests. He was also involved in different industrial, design, and manufacturing based projects such as oil and gas, road and pavement, and health monitoring projects. Some of his awards and honors are: Best researcher of Research Institute of Petroleum Industry, Best faculty member of Amirkabir University of Technology (AUT), Best Iranian Research Award, Top student of KNT University of Technology, etc.        

Dr. Mahshid Tootoonchy is lecturer of Project management at the University of Sydney, Australia. Mahshid is the former lecturer of Operations Management, Supply Chain Management, and Project Management at Sharif University of Technology. For over 12 years, Mahshid worked with leading international organizations in Oil & Gas and manufacturing industries.  She received B.S. in Electrical Engineering from University of Tehran, MBA from Sharif University of Technology, M.A. in Management, and PhD in Project Management from Queensland University of Technology. Here research area are included Project/Program/Portfolio Management, Project management Office (PMO), Complexity and Change Management, Operations Management and Supply Chain, System modelling, integration, optimisation, and analyses.

Prof. Sudip Basack, PhD, FIE, CEng, MASCE is a civil engineering professional with vast academic experience at responsible senior positions in India and abroad. He was awarded Doctor of Philosophy degree in Engineering by Jadavpur University. He further advanced his academic career by carrying out post-doctoral research at University of Wollongong, Australia, funded by the Australian Government Endeavour Award. Having more than 20 years of academic experience, he published more than 125 technical papers in reputed journals and conferences and is recipient of several research awards at national and international levels. He is an active reviewer of numerous top-class international journals. He has supervised more than 10 research students at postgraduate (Masters and PhD) levels and executed sponsored research projects in different Universities. He has undertaken several academic visits in many countries including USA, UK, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, China, etc.

A/Prof. ‪Abdolreza Sarvghad Moghadam received his PhD in Earthquake Engineering from McMaster University in 1998 and currently is an associate Professor at International Institute of Earthquake Engineering and Seismology (IIEES). Earthquake engineering, improvement of building codes, high rise building design and analysis, development of software for analysis and design of structures, seismic modeling and analysis of buildings and complex structures, different approaches to seismic retrofitting of structures, and effects of 3-D modeling of building in design and analysis are his research interests.

He received his doctoral degree in infrastructure engineering from Centre of Infrastructural Engineering (CIE) at Western Sydney University. He is a professional writer, translator, editor, journalist, engineer, academic member, researcher, and inventor. Saeed has more than thirty years of experience in the civil engineering and infrastructure projects worldwide as well as in academic roles such as assistant professor at ASIEH and QAIU as well as adjunct fellow at Western Sydney University. Dr. Nemati  is  the author  of more than seventy books  and 20 ISI  indexed articles too. Dr. Nemati is the winner of seventeen national and international awards including two "Book of Year" prizes. His main research interest is innovative ideas in civil engineering with a focus on the design automation and construction robotic technology. Also, Dr. Nemati is the founder of six peer-reviewed Australian journals in civil engineering field. He is CEO or member of board of some large companies which are well-known in the engineering or construction industry.

Dr. Nimbalkar is senior lecturer at University of Technology, Sydney (UTS). He received his PhD from Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay in 2007. His research has strongly focused on ground improvement techniques, railway track design, railway embankment stability analysis, in-situ testing, instrumentation, retaining structures, tailing dam, constitutive and numerical Modeling. He is the recipient of the Institution of Civil Engineer’s (ICE) 2014 Thomas Telford Premium award in the area of Ground improvement. He also worked in the ARC Center of excellence for Geotechnical sciences and engineering spearheaded by University of Newcastle, University of Western Australia and University of Wollongong. He has published a number of research papers in peer reviewed journals and conference proceedings. He has more than decade experience in academics, research, training and consultancy. He has also played an active role in a number of contract research, testing and consultancy projects in Australia and India.

Professor Alireza Rahai received his PhD in structural engineering from Pierre and Marie Curie University (Paris university) on 1979. He is an Iranian engineer and professor at the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering of Amirkabir University of Technology (Tehran Polytechnic). He was also, the vice president for Academic and Post Graduate Affairs of IZU and the former chancellor of the Amirkabir University of Technology. Prof. Rahai is founder and president of Iran Society of Civil Engineers (ISCE) who is also selected as a member of Ever-Lasting Names on 2009. Stress Analysis, Finite Element Modeling, and Structural Dynamics are some of his research area.

Professor Hadi Khabbaz is an award-winning civil engineer whose work has made significant contributions of a fundamental and pioneering nature, in particular, in the field of unsaturated soil mechanics. Hadi received his PhD degree in Geotechnical Engineering from UNSW (1997). He is an expert in Geotechnical and Geo-environmental Engineering at the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering, UTS, and the Deputy Head of School (Research). Hadi has focused on the theoretical and numerical analysis of soft soils, granular particles and unsaturated porous media, with strong applications to real-life engineering problems.  He has been involved in soil behaviour modelling and ground improvement research since 1993, taking an active role in conducting practical research in the characterisation and modification of problematic soils and associated current ground improvement techniques more than for 20 years. His early work on the effective stress principle in unsaturated soils is increasingly cited in the literature and is considered a significant contribution to the field. In 1999, Hadi received the joint section award for the most valuable paper at the 8th ANZ conference on Geomechanics. He has recently received 3 more best paper awareds together with his colleagues and research students. He served as the Chair of the Australian Geomechanics Society (Sydney), a technical society of Engineers Australia. He is the author/co-author of more than 300 articles in civil and geotechnical engineering. He is also a technical reviewer of many International Journals and several research organisations.

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